Database diagram support objects cannot be installed Resolved !



In the below post you will see how we can resolve the database diagram support related message and how we can create new database diagram for AdventureWorks database which we have attached earlier post.

When you have attach the database file of another sql server instance , In this case it may possible that the database login name of that database is not valid for the current sql server. So In this case you need to update the authorization of the database using the alter command .

For example, I was getting warning message when I clicked the database diagram for the AdventureWorks database which I attached earlier.


So below is the command which resolved this.


Here the “AdventureWorks2008” is my database name and “sa” is the user for which we want the permission.

After this when you right click the database diagram you got below message ,


Select the new database diagram , It will display another popup message.


Click on YES , after that add Table dialog will appears.


Select all tables and click on Add button.


After successful processing the database diagram created for you .


Thanks for reading ,Hope you find this post useful 🙂


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