Prepare for AdventureWorks WebAPI project


In this post we will get ready to start for the AdventureWorks webAPI project.

First you need the visual studio for it. you can download the visual studio express 2012 version from the Microsoft site using the below link.

after successful download and install , run the application. it will display the screen similar to below.


Click on the new Project . it will display the new Project window. Select ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Application and the location where you want the project file to be created .


after it, click on OK. After that it will asks for which project template you want to use. here we are going to use the Web API , so select it.image

Now click on OK.It will go to next process , which is creating the project for you.


after successful completion you will get the below window.


The Project is created successfully for you.

Thanks for reading, Hope you find this post useful 🙂


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