Display Browser specific text in asp.net web Form


Hi, In the below post you are going to learn that how to use asp.net to display browser specific message without any JavaScript or any code.

Create a web Farm application if you have not created yet.For it, select the new project menu from the file menu or you can click on new project link on the start page, both will open the same window as below.


Select the “ASP.NET Web Forms Application” from the List , update the name and Location whatever you want and click on OK.

It will create the solution for you.

Now add a new Web Form in the project , for it, Right click on the solution explorer and then go to add —>New Item and  click on it.


Now Select “Web Form” from the list and change the name whatever you want.


Then click on add , The new Web Form will be added to your project and will be opened as below .


Now add a new label  as below  and update the Text as “This is Default Text”.


Save it , Now go to Solution explorer and right click on the page and select “Set As Start Page” to avoid typing the URL


Now Browse the page in Internet explorer and Mozilla both, you will get the same text as below.


Now update the Label code as below


Save it and now browse the page in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox both.


Yes , you just got the different message based on the browser.

Hope you find this post useful,thanks for reading. 🙂


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